Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Therasupport, LLC strives to assist persons with their employment goals. Our Vocational rehabilitation program assists individuals with traumatic brain injury (and other disabilities) to prepare for, obtain, maintain, or regain employment. The program is based on a wholistic approach and operates through a systematic process focused on long-term job retention. It includes:
• Intake Interview 
• Vocational Evaluation 
• Rehabilitation Planning
• Disability Counseling & Job Coaching
• Job Development 
• Job Placement & Retention
• Job Analysis services
• Work Sample Testing
• Work Hardening Training
• On-The-Job Evaluation & Training
• Vocational-Education Services

Our Vocational rehabilitation program has access to a wide-range of employment-related resources for persons with disabilities through the State of Michigan DHS and Federal Social Security programs. We are a direct service-vendor for Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) and the Michigan Bureau of Services for the Blind. Our program serves as an Employment Network for Social Security disability (SSD) and Social Security supplemental income (SSI) programs.  

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